Monday, December 15, 2008

The Christmas Rush

Things are starting to get really hectic now. Trying to keep up with my everyday stuff and also do all the extra things associated with the Christmas season. Little by little I'm getting through it. Would like to still fit in a little gardening as we have a garden party for Christmas and it needs some weeding and a little pruning.
Wednesday is Vanita's birthday. We are spending the afternoon together doing some mindless shopping and then we will go out to dinner to celebrate. I haven't seen her for so long. She will be coming for Christmas and so is my other good friend Kris. We basically have open house. Bring your own drinks and a plate of food to share and we all spend the afternoon and into the night out in the garden listening to cheesy Christmas music and eating way too much. We do this on Christmas Eve because that's the German tradition. Christmas day lunch we are going to Bob's daughter and son-in-law's place. So far the weather hasn't been too hot. Fingers crossed it stays like that.
No art was done today. I'm hoping I can still squeeze in a little art time before Christmas. I'm in such a creative flow at the moment its a shame to interrupt it. Time out with family and friends will do me good though. Have to refill the well sometimes.


Laura said...

Right with you on the xmas stuff.

Doris said...

It's more than a rush! It's a whirlwind and I'm running with my toes on the ground! Cause me to wonder a lovely Christmas celebration in warm weather...we're so used to idealizing a blanket of snow, which just plain complicates life.

april said...

I've got my lists out too, Uta, and they're all starting to blend together. Not blend in a good way either; I guess I mean scramble.

butterfly woman said...

A garden party? Wow, what's the temp there these days? I stare at the patio with 6 inches of snow covering the flower pots and garden chairs, can only dream and wish I was there, I'd bring you some snow in a jar, I promise.