Wednesday, May 13, 2009

#29 and #30

Urban Script
mixed media on canvas
101.6x76.2cm (40"x30")

Street Culture
mixed media on canvas
101.6x76.2cm (40"x30")
Since posting these on my Red Bubble site I have had a lot of favourable comments. Both have been featured in certain groups and a lot of people have put them on their favourites list. Wasn't sure how a bunch of old advertising poster pieces would be perceived hehehe. I had fun collecting them and fun creating with them and people enjoy them. What more can a girl want???


Laura said...

Loving this and like that as you were finishing up the 30 piece for you show you slipped these little gems in... you snicky girl you.

Doris said...

Oh, I agree. You're already on a new journey! Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hello Uta,
you did a great job - wish I could come and see your exhibition!

april said...

A girl could want nothing more. This will be an outstanding exhibit! So proud of you and your hard work. xox

butterfly woman said...

Recycling these old poster prints into treasures. I see these two recent creations as a little more abstract. Perhaps this is a new phase in your life. Glad you're getting great feedback on them. Believing mirrors are so wonderful.

Tatiana Kuzyk said...

These are stunning, Uta! Watching the progress of your artwork in a post from couple of days ago got me very inspired. Thank you for sharing 'the birth' of your work. Wonderful!