Sunday, May 31, 2009

Back to Normal

Life has just settled into a normal pace now. I've been taking it easy. Went shopping, watched a few dvd's and played around with some creative stuff. I also caught up on some housework and have been cooking some pretty yummy meals. It got pretty hectic leading up to the exhibition and a lot of things were left for another day. I have been trying to work out where I should be heading now and trying to set a few new goals. I'm all over the place at the moment not knowing what direction to take and hoping for some sort of sign. I can see where I want to go but don't know how to get there.

Today is 'Meet the Artists' at the gallery. I find this amusing that someone would actually want to meet me hehehe. I'm just an ordinary everyday person who paints ordinary everyday things.

Will have to leave this post here as the computer is playing up. Its not responding to what I type. Very annoying!!!


Anonymous said...

Glad you're able to relax a little now and take stock of your creative energies before you're up and running again. Your gallery visitors will be thrilled to meet you... get practising your autograph Uta! Hope you have fun.

Elena said...

Ah, the life of the famous artist! Remember to refill your creative reservoir. I'm sure you'll create good things again.

Laura said...

So how did Meet the artist go? Glad to hear you just hanging out and do the simple things too!

Doris said...

I would love to meet you! I think you have a big goal with a shed for tea?

Uta said...

Hehehe practise my autograph hehehe.

Elena I wonder what the life of a famous artist is like. Do you think I will find out one day? Will I like it?

Laura its funny how the simple things are more enjoyable when you've had no time to do them.

And Doris I would LOVE to meet you too some day!!!

april said...

You are a very special person painting very special meaningful ordinary things!