Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day Trip into Australia's Past

Its school holidays and Zoe has been staying with us for a few days. We've hung around in the shed. Like me, Zoe seems to like this space. Correction, I was just told that Zoe loves this space. It has toys and books and a desk with stationary supplies just for her to use without having to ask. Yesterday though, we decided on a change of scenery so we headed off to Tailem Bend to visit Pioneer Village. Tailem Bend is a town about an hours drive from Adelaide and is situated on a place on the River Murray where the river bends. Hence the name. There is a little village set up there like it was in the early days of Australian history. The houses are constructed in various methods using materials which would have been on hand in those days. Some of the shops are actual old buildings which have been transported there. We spent about four hours roaming around the 12 streets and 90 buildings pretending we really lived there. Old Tailem Town which it has been named has everything from an old time cinema to a hospital, dentist and old style dance hall. I took way too many pics (317 to be exact). Thank goodness for digital cameras hehehe. Anyway I'm only sharing a few with you. My favourite house and the one I would choose to live in is the house made of cow dung. Its only one room which housed the bed, kitchen and dining areas but it has such a wonderful romantic feel that I dreamed of living there. And yes, there was room for an easel hehehe.

My mum and Zoe at the post office

the bakery

My mum and Zoe wandering down the street

the school

I still went to school with desks like this, complete with ink wells!

the general store

hurray for automatic washing machines!

my favourite house made of cow dung

the bed

the kitchen and dining room

looks like a lovely place to sit and have a cup of tea

the village even has an undertaker complete with a pine coffin


Suz said...

Wonderful tour!
But cow dung?

Elena said...

Great pictures! Even the cow dung house is kinda cool!

Uta said...

Yeah from green cow dung. It doesn't smell but apparently took quite some time to dry. I suppose pioneers had to use whatever they had.

Deborah Ross said...

What fun! I can't wait for my granddaughter to be old enough to enjoy things like this with me.

It didn't look crowded there at all. Thanks for all the pictures. But cow dung?

Laura said...

thanks for the virtual field trip Uta.

Doris said...

What a great place to visit! Nice little holiday. I'm thinking we might see some more laundry paintings with washerboards.

april said...

Yes! Each one is a painting. Love the tour of photos. I kept thinking "Maud Lewis" would pop out somewhere! (oh no, that's Nova Scotia) Are you familiar with her, Uta? I just love her story and her artwork!