Friday, October 23, 2009

On Thursday

As you know I spend time with my good friend Mignon Voysey on Thursdays. We spend time in my studio together as arty people like us spend way too much time alone. Its nice to have someone to share with. Mignon finally agreed to let me post a couple of her paintings and I also sneaked in a photo of her while she wasn't looking hehehe. A brand new canvas and she's just pencilling in before she starts painting. Mignon is working on a body of work that relates to a great passion of mine, food ha! And how food plays such an important part of our social activities. Hopefully Mignon will let me keep you up to date with her artwork.

as yet untitled
acrylic on canvas
60x32cm (23"x 13") approx

as yet untitled
acrylic on canvas
60.9x50.8cm (24"x20")


Doris said...

Her work is lovely. Good to see what you're seeing!

Laura said...

Oh You tell you art buddy we just want a little peek that's all... I also see in the picture the images on the back wall, how cool is that, you've got the place looking great! And yes we ant to see more.

Elena said...

I agree with Laura, your studio looks beautiful from the little peek over your friend's shoulder. Her work is lovely; thank her for letting us see it. And I 'good envy' you for having an artsy friend to hang around with!