Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What a Week I've Had

What a week I've had! As you know Thursday is my art day with my friend Mignon. Last Thursday I started a new piece which is the one in the last post. I finished it in record time so on Sunday I started another piece. And guess what??? Its nearly finished. Just a little tweak here and there and some varnish and its done (picture will follow soon). That's two paintings in one week! On top of that my housework is all done. All dust bunnies have been evicted and I've been going to gym as well. The garden still needs some attention but hey, I can't do it all. Now all I need to do is stay on track and not go off the rails again. I know all the signs. I start eating too much, then I get slack and don't go to gym regularly, then my confidence drops and the creative drought begins. So you'd think by understanding my destructive cycle that I would stop it from happening but I haven't learnt how to do that yet. I have learnt however how to pull myself out of it so I guess that's a start. Its hard being a food-aholic :(


Doris said...

Congrats on your great week! That's very inspirational for me!

Elena said...

Congratulations! And thanks for being so honest. I see your work and think, wow, she has it all together and never doubts. But when you mention the food and lack of confidence it gives me hope. Especially after I binge on food and feel lousy!

Suz said...

Can't wait to see the next masterpiece....what ordinary thing have you elevated?
Sometimes our bodies just make us slow down...that's good
But we still have to be deliberate about our living..especially eating
Being aware is truly the key

Laura said...

Just yesterday, I came away from the new class and feeling like I've not done well, I was going to stop at fast food and belly up to some crap. But I kept telling myself that I did the best I could and I have all week to gather ideas and help them even more.. heck it was a first day and it's is to be basic anyways. When I got home I did have some food. About 7 wheat crackers with peanut butter and did some self talking and asking for some guidance realizing I was about to fall off my wagon and jump in head first to a big much puddle of food and I made it through. just thought I share.

Uta said...

Glad to have been an inspiration Doris.

We are all the same and have the same fears don't we.

I love that you are waiting to see 'what ordinary thing I've elevated'. It makes me feel special.

Thanks for sharing. Its good to know I'm not alone. Also congratulations and well done for not falling off the wagon. Good on you girlfriend!

april said...

I think you've caught onto Laura's endless energy!