Monday, October 12, 2009

Drum Roll

Yay I'm officially back at the easel!!! I am now working towards an art market that will be held on the 5th and 6th of December. Not realising that Greenhill Gallery were going to keep all my work for future sales, I am very low on stock. I only have old stuff that I have outgrown. My skills are more developed now so I don't feel I want to do an art market with only old stuff. Anyway below are two new works. One that has been sitting on my easel partly done for months and the other which I only started last Thursday. Oh its good to be back.

mixed media on canvas
50.8x60.9cm (20"x24")

mixed media on canvas
101.6x76.2cm (40"x30")


Laura said...

Oh the handles of the shovel, well any part of shovel is special to me. the handles though are the closed to the human side of us. I'm fond of this one like i"m fond of the boots my dear... loving them all but feel friendlier to these.

Suz said...

Shovel handles says "grandpa" to me
Isn't art wonderful,,you can do that..conjure
So happy your rest period is over and you are gracing the world with your fabulous glorious paintings of the ordinary
I meet with my writer buddies on Thursday
what do you think it means..this thursday thing?

Doris said...

I'm loving the newest pieces! Love wooden spoons although they always get chewed up at my house!

Tatiana Kuzyk said...

What a great composition of the handles, Uta! As always, you bring the often fast overlooked details and make a masterpiece out of it. It just wonderful and very nurturing to go ever so deeper in finding more and more in each of your pieces....

Uta said...

Yes I'm connected to those handles too. They came together very easily where as the wooden spoons sat around for months. The boots sold at my last exhibition and I was quite sad about that hehehe.

I wonder what's in this Thursday thing. Maybe its because its not the beginning of the week when things are busier and not the end of the week when we take things more gently. Who knows. I think I was born on a Thursday.

I'm lucky Jack is not a chewer. I wouldn't have anything to paint if he chewed up everything hehehe.

Hi Tatiana,
We haven't spoken in ages. I love the ordinary little details of life. I suppose that's how I view the world and it just comes out in my art.

Thanks everyone for your on going support through my ups and downs :)

Deborah Ross said...

Yeah! You're back! I love the shovel handles, they remind me of my dad. And you have made them look so real and used, worn out like shovels ought to be. Can't wait to see more.

april said...

Yes, they come right off the page. Beautiful paintings. Beautiful shadows!

Elena said...

Uta! You're back! There was no doubt-you were just recharging. Love the handles and can't wait to see the unveiling of the one that kept you from dinner.