Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Cherry

I am planning on entering the Small Works Prize at Brunswick Street Gallery in Melbourne. Works are to be less than 30x30cm (12"x12"). There in lies the problem. I have trouble with such small paintings. I like to do paintings with a bit of size behind them so they hit you in the face visually. I usually paint things much larger than life. So how can I do that on a small canvas? The answer is painting small things! I am aiming for at least 5 small works and below is my first one.

mixed media on canvas
30x25cm (12"x10")

Also note my new watermark, created by my daughter Julia, to add a bit of protection to images of my work posted on the net.

I have been spending much more time in the studio and I must say I feel so much better for it. Its not that I'm giving up on the promotion side of things but I have stopped obsessing over it. Bottom line is I need to create in order to be complete and when I spend too much time away from the studio I become ..... well, I become unhappy. Life is way too short to be unhappy right?


Wickedly Divine Creations said...

I know how you feel. I need to create too or else I get unhappy and really grumpy!
Your cherry is gorgeous. Love it :)

Laura said...

Loving it...balance alittle studio time then promoting time then back to the studio and around and around you go and that's live Lady...you learn to start liking it. well I do at lest..good luck with this new direction.

Doris said...

Life is a bowl of cherries...
I love it!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful painting, love the rich purple against the blue x

butterfly woman said...

The dark tones are fabulous and the background just glows, nevertheless. The new watermark looks very classy too. You have a very talented daughter, so nice you have that creative bond!