Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Studio Update

As my studio is a shared space with Bob's man cave, I had to come up with a way of hiding the man cave mess. I thought cupboards would suit Bob better than shelving to hold all his stuff. You can shut the door on cupboards and not see the disarray. I took over the whole organisation of his space much to Bob's horror hehehe. I sorted all his stuff so it is now easy to find everything. I put all the painting gear together and all the plumbing and welding stuff all have their own space. The power tools are all together etc. etc. Bob had to admit he liked it. I have put a lot of time and effort into this and it still wasn't quite right. I decided I had to make a clear division between the spaces. I plan to have open studio during the SALA Festival next year and didn't want the studio to look like a corner in a man's shed. I ended up buying some old wardrobes which I not only used to create a wall but it also gave Bob more storage space.

my space as you first walk in the door

in the distance is my desk

walk around the shelves towards the desk and this is the lounge area

the lounge area showing off my new 'wall'
beyond the wall is the man cave

the lounge area showing one doorway into the man cave

the back of wardrobes painted make a good wall to hang artwork

that's my desk looking from the lounge area

and back around to the door that leads into the garden

I still have the yard in front of the shed to clean up. That's where I have put all the things that I decided to throw out. That is my next mission.


Wickedly Divine Creations said...

Looks great!
I have to finish organising my shed this week...going through all the bags and boxes of fabrics etc....no better time to do it since my sewing machine is in hospital and i can't do any sewing1

Laura said...

Hi Uta, I wanted to share the half of my horoscope with you this morning...I see you doing what your doing and I see you opening up the universe...so great to hear of the intended plans set in motion..just loving it..

read on....

When we commit ourselves to any goal, we invite the universe’s support. In the moment of decision, unseen forces fall into line to create it. This is why indecision keeps us from moving forward, because we have given the universe no direction. The universe will only say “yes” to our choices, so if our decisions repeatedly change directions, the energy behind us scatters and dissipates. The ability to respond efficiently and effectively to situations surrounding our duties makes us dependable people. When we can focus, we feel solid rather than scattered, and all of our energy is anchored in our center. From that place, we can move with the flow, yet not be uprooted. When we tap into that energy today, we harness the power of the universe to accomplish our important tasks.

hugs lady~

Doris said...

That's one big shed! Wonderful job you've accomplished!

Anonymous said...

How can you bear to be away from it! It looks wonderful, well done Uta... You should write a book about organising workspaces.

Uta said...

Its taken some time to get it to this point and there's still more to do. Its getting there one step at a time.

I am going to print that out and put it in my studio. Its good to have a reminder like that. I know its true but sometimes one goes off track and it takes a little time to get back on.

It is a big shed. Enough space for you to come and have a play :)

I don't like to be away from it too long. I keep telling Bob I want to move in there and live amongst my art supplies. We could put in a mezzanine floor to hold the bed. It is a bit hot in summer and cold in winter though.

Suz said...


butterfly woman said...

The man cave! I love it and chuckle when you and Laura talk about these caves....I suppose Frank would like one too!
Great studio. Yes, I think it's time to go to Australia and take a tour of your studio. Wonderful images that bring you right in. Love your artist wall and the cozy lounge chairs. I'd never want to leave this place....

Uta said...

I wish you all could come and visit Bev. Wouldn't it be a hoot???