Thursday, September 23, 2010

Small Work Number 4

I had a great day in the studio today. I finished another small work. One more to go and I've already started it! Deadline for entries of The Small Works Prize isn't till Sunday 21st November so I am ahead of schedule. Still have to work out the most economic way to ship the work to Melbourne.

mixed media on canvas
25x30cm (10"x12")

I have decided to apply for membership to The Adelaide Art Society. I thought it would be a good way to meet other artists, to learn and share and network. I have my application form all filled out and I have an appointment with them tomorrow afternoon to show them some examples of my work. Fingers crossed I get accepted.


Doris said...

Beautiful! And they would be quite silly not to accept you!

Robin said...

Good luck Uta!! I would be stunned if you're not accepted!!!

julielea said...

Wow! You're on a roll, Uta. Could eat that walnut, looks so shiny and delicious!

Uta said...

Thank you Doris and Robin :)

Hehehe Julie, its the size of a large orange. One nut would last you a week.