Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Revelation

Firstly I would like to announce that I was accepted into the Adelaide Art Society. Hip hip hurray!!! Last night was their monthly social evening so I decided to attend that and meet some people. It was just so great being with a group of fellow artists. I was part of a group instead of feeling the odd one out like I usually do. And on top of that they had home made scones with jam and cream and chocolate cake! It just couldn't get much better than that hehehe. On the way home I was feeling pretty happy with my world and I suddenly had a revelation. You know those moments where it seems the clouds part and there's a ray of sunshine and a chorus of angels singing (even though its night time)??? I will start at the beginning but be warned I am rambling. In August 2007 I read The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron for the first time. One of the tasks in the 12 step program was to describe your ideal life, to think about your goals or dreams, to really work out what you wanted. I had no idea what I wanted. I had this vague sort of dream that was way off in the future but that was all. Silly really. How are you meant to reach your goals if you don't know what your goals are??? I continued with the tasks in the book and little by little my vague sort of dream started to take form. I started to understand what I really wanted. Once I had the goal worked out I started working on ways to attain it. I started reaching for that goal, for my ideal life. Sometimes I strayed from the path, sometimes I stumbled and even fell but I kept on going. Somewhere in the future was my ideal life. I could feel it. Here comes the revelation part. Last night while driving home I realised I AM ALREADY LIVING MY IDEAL LIFE. Its not somewhere in the future, its here and now! Ok a lot of you will be saying "Der I could've told her that" but its something you can't be told is it? Its something you have to realise for yourself. The dream is not yet complete. The ideal life still needs a little tweaking. I still need to earn a good income from my art and I still want to be more 'known' in the world of art but they are minor details that will work out very soon as long as I keep on living the dream. Yep all is right with my world.


Robin said...

Wow!!! This is so exciting Uta!! You are a living, breathing example of what can happen when you follow your heart!!! Very inspiring!!! I have so enjoyed following you on your journey to your ideal life. I can't wait to see what the next chapter has in store!!

Suz said...

Oh Uta...I know that feeling
it is from being with fellow kindred spirits who get what you are all about
and you were one of them
the them you didn't realize you were
that ride home must of had your heart bursting with joy
Yeah for Uta
Dorothy is home
and to think I have an original
....might have to obtain another!

Uta said...

Thank you ladies for your support and guidance. My ideal life has us meeting one day. Watch for me :)

Elena said...

I'll be waiting for you. And huge congrats on the accomplishment. How exciting to hear it started with the AW. The dreams will continue being fulfilled...

Laura said...

Well I've been doin a bit of living and not had the time in the morning hours to take a peek at what my dear friend has been doing..and this morning still barely time but I did and I'm so proud and surprised by the wonders that are graceing you path...When we set forth in a directions we know it's right when more doors keep opening and if we stick with in long enough things are bound to happen and there happening for you very happy for you..yes sound like your living your dream though you have been working at and like you said its not easy but you stuck with it long enough to see it play out.


Uta said...

Things tend to happen when you are on the right path and like you said Laura doors open or pathways show themselves. You just need to keep going and watch for the signs.

april said...

Your studio is wonderul, Uta! So enjoyed seeing it. And just love your small works!

Doris said...

Bravo! Whoop Whoop! It is so inspirational and rewarding to have been on this journey with you!

Uta said...

Thanks April :)

Ditto Doris :)

Emma said...

Wonderful! Sometimes in the stuggle to earn a living in more ways than one & the struggle to give myself permission to get into the studio, I have to remind myself that I too am living my dream. A friend said to me "you are doing what you want to do" & I totlly agree - I'll work on the balance more!

Lovely pieces, congrats! Great studio makeover, too.

Deborah Ross said...

Uta, thanks for still checking on me. I never miss a day in my studio, even weekends. I'm thrilled for you! Living your ideal life is a wonderful feeling....I am there, too.
I love your studio! Wow, you even have a lounge area! My studio is about 10x12 feet, very tight for a wheelchair. Your solution for Bob is great, and you even get a wall to display your work. Too cool.
Hey, Uta, I'm waiting for you to visit me. :-)

julielea said...

Well done Uta, you deserve it all!

butterfly woman said...

Way to Go Uta.
It's been an honor and privilege
to have known you through the artist way group! You are such an inspiration to me and I love your post here. It sums up what it really means to go through the process of finding and letting out our authentic self.
Enjoy the art group! Looking forward to hearing and seeing more of your fantastic journey!

Uta said...

Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I get quite teary when I think of all the wonderful cyber friends I have made. I treasure those friendships. Love you guys :)