Friday, January 4, 2008

Best Friend

I always love visits from my best friend Vanita. Best friend always sounds so "high school" doesn't it hehehe? She lives in the country and its about 3 - 4 hours drive from my place so I don't get to see her that often. As she's a high school art teacher I do however get to see her most school holidays. Today we are going in for our usual retail therapy but this time its to Ikea. Flying off to Surfers Paradise together next Wednesday. Can't wait.


april said...

What fun! And I have never been to an IKEA! Tell us about the treasures you find.

Anonymous said...

Will you surf? Bit of a paddler myself... (erm...well..not exactly canoeing or surfing... 'paddling' as in bravely getting my feet wet at the water's edge! Tee hee!)
Have a good holiday Uta.

talie said...

what are you going to buy me????