Saturday, January 19, 2008

Holiday Pics

My week away in Surfers Paradise on The Gold Coast was fabulous. I haven't been to Queensland since 1974 so I considered myself a first time vistor. I came home with a great tan yay (I'm lucky I don't burn easily), but also bigger stomach, hips and thighs groan.
I was quite shocked to see "the drought" from the air. It gives you such a different outlook. I know its summer and things are usually dry but it is so incredibly brown and barren out there. My heart goes out to the farmers and their families. This is in direct contrast to Queensland. Northern Queensland has experienced flooding and so has northern NSW. Couldn't see this from the air though as there was dense cloud cover. It really brings home how diverse Australia is.
from the plane

I really enjoyed staying at the resort. It was right on the beach front so I could go for long early morning walks on the beach. We have gulf waters in Adelaide which makes the water a lot calmer and nice to swim in. The Gold Coast has strong rips and currents and really strong waves that push you over. This only allows you to "play" in the water and not swim which is only safely done between the flags while the life guards are on duty. Its best to keep the swimming for the pool which every resort seems to have. The place was alive with the buzz of holiday atmosphere.

early morning at Surfers Paradise

We visited Tropical Fruit World (cheesey name) where we were pulled around by a tractor to see exotic and tropical fruit growing. I even got up close and personal to an emu.

I was particularly taken with the avocado trees. They looked all ancient and mystical and conjured up images of old gardens from days gone by.

avocado trees

We got to sample tropical fruits some of which I have never had before yummo, had a little boat trip from which we got to see the tropicl/rainforest landscape and also got to ride on a little kiddy train which was fun and brought out the child in me.

tropical/rainforest landscape

There was a little shop there selling fruit of course and other touristy things. I bought Zoe some dried mango, passionfruit and dragon fruit which was flattened out and shaped like a rainbow. She loved it.

more later...


april said...

What a beautiful place and what a nice get-away for you! Missed your postings while you were away - your blog is so interesting. And again, thank you for asking about me being sick. It was annoying as there just isn't time to be sick! Right?

Laura said...

Uta, Can I take one of the emu's home? There so ugly there cute. Love the eyelashes.

Sound like you had a wonderful time. And don't worrrrrry about the stomach hips and thighs, It was a time for you and just enjoy it.

Glad your back for Vacation. As April said we missed you.

Anonymous said...

What an experience... such a beautiful coast too. Did you beachcomb? Any interesting finds?

That emu looks like he means business... and a 60's Ringo hairstyle too!