Sunday, January 20, 2008

more holiday pics

The highlight of the holiday would have to be the Andy Warhol exhibition. Brisbane was the only place in Australia that its showing. We drove from the Gold Coast to Brisbane which meant I got to see the sights along the way. By the time we got to the Gallery of Modern Art I was beside myself with excitement. No photographs allowed at this exhibition so all I got is the entrance.

I thoroughly enjoyed the exhibition and got rather emotional seeing Campbell soup cans, Marilyn and Elvis (huge fan) in "the flesh" so to speak. I loved Andy's use of strong colour and design elements. Loved his movies! He filmed people without a script and I was mesmerized by the ordinary dialogue of some quite disfunctional people.

Next door was the Queensland Art Gallery so there were more treats in store. In the entrance foyer we were greeted by a pond of water. Floating on the water were hundreds of silver metal balls. A pump kept the water moving which in turn kept the balls moving. The best was that we were allowed to touch and gently push the balls into each other which made them clang together with the most amazing sound.

Due to the love of everyday objects (oo just like Andy Warhol), one of my favourite exhibits was the large pear sculptures.

Sorry can't remember the artist's name (very bad) and not sure what they were made of. It looked like copper. Hey what do you think of the work of art standing next to the pears ;) ??? hehehe
One of my favourite Australian artists is Frederick McCubbin (1855-1917).

His career spanned the transition from the narrative paintings of the early 1880s, through the impressionist era, to the freedom of his later works in the first part of the 20th century.
Another joy to see was this self portrait by Brett Whiteley (1939-1992)
Sadly in his later years he became increasingly dependant on alcohol and became addicted to heroin, leading to bouts of schizophrenia. He finally died of an overdose in 1992.
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Laura said...

Hey Who's that nice looking lady with the very shapely leggs. She much be a walker or keeps her self in shape.

Uta said...

Hehehe thankyou so much! My extra holiday stomach, hips and thighs must be hidden.

Laura said...

Your insides shine out more then the hips, stomach and the thighs, keep doing what your doing. It's working progress not prefections right? I stuggle with it all my life.