Tuesday, January 29, 2008

For the Love of Rusty Things

As I was reading Julie's blog http://julielea.wordpress.com/ one morning I discovered that I'm not the only one who loves rusty things. Thought I'd share my collection even if I'm committed afterwards hehehe. Anyway my family already know I'm mad.

the tools hang on a wall in my backyard. My Dad was a carpenter so I love old saws. The handles are always worn and smooth from years of use.

This looks like some sort of grubber which may have been use in someones vegie patch.

Just an ordinary kitchen knife with a lovely old wooden handle. The blade is really corroded and quite thin now.

This is my found pitch fork with a missing prong. I love how thin it has become and it reminds me of a delicate line drawing.

These tools don't even open and close anymore. Aren't the colours fabulous?

I love everyday objects and I think it adds another element when they are rusty and dented. This is a Salvital tin. You can just make out the printing under the rust. Too bad its not a Campbell"s soup can. Eat your heart out Andy Warhol!

Nuts, bolts, nails and washers. Some of the nails are hand made with lovely thin points.

This is a close up of the handmade burley holder I found in Second Valley. Copper wire was used for a handle and woven to hold the bottom on. Look at that lovely green of the copper. The lid which still opens is also copper. The weights used so it wouldn't float are still tied on tight on the inside.
The next few items are just bits and pieces I found with bolts still holding them together. Got no idea what they once belonged to or what their use was but I love the colours and textures.

I love doors and windows and use them a lot in my artwork so I was thrilled to bits when Bob brought home these lovely old door handles. Makes me think of Samantha's Aunt Clara who collected door knobs in Bewitched.

I just keep all the bits in an old bicycle basket which is also starting to go rusty where the white plastic coating is cracking and exposing the wire. That hangs on the fence in my courtyard in the wind and weather getting more corroded as time goes on.


Laura said...

O. M. Gosh Uta,
I don't know how to say this but my insides are all very excited and juicy with possilbilities for cool assemblages and even digital photos to bring in to image transfers. So Great thanks for sharing those pictures. Just love them.

Anonymous said...

O Uta... aren't they wonderful? And you're NEVER going to believe how similar our collections are..... I'm going to take some photos to show you. It's really quite weird!!!!I'll post them in a day or so on me blog.
Wouldn't it be fun to start a joint 'Rusty Bits' blog?
Julie x

Uta said...

Oo a Rusty Bits Blog and here I thought I was strange collecting rusty things. Looks like there's more of us than I ever thought possible hehehe.