Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cemetery Walk

Late in the afternoon the temperature dropped and there was the most refreshing breeze. I was suffering from cabin fever being inside behind closed windows and doors (due to the heat) for so many days. I just needed to go for a walk. The cemetery (where my dad rests) is only 5 minutes away and with its beautiful cool green gardens and water features and duck pond was the perfect place to be. The native birds use it as a sanctury so the whole place is filled with bird song. Its so peaceful and calming with many benches and quiet secret corners in which to rest.

There are little pathways meandering through cool green gardens.

Benches under big old trees to sit and listen to the bird song.

There are different types of garden "rooms" like the tropical one here or there's a herb garden and a Tuscan garden all with secrect places and benches on which to rest or little bridges over water features.

This is one of my favourite places, the duck pond. A little bridge leads over to an island on the middle of the pond. The structure on the island has an oriental look.

The wisteria arbour is one of my favourite walks when its in bloom. The flowers were nearly finished but there were enough to fill the air with that beautiful scent.

Big old gum tree home to many birds.

The sprinklers were on (watered by bore water) giving the gardens a much needed drink.

There are little treasures to find in the quiet secret spots, urns or sculptures or water features. I recently even found a wishing well complete with wooden bucket. It was a lovely walk. The sad thing is I'm going back today for the funeral of my ex father-in-law. Rest in peace Dad Mooney.

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butterfly woman said...

Hi Uta,
Thanks for sharing the beauty of
a final resting place. My mom and
dad are in a beautiful cemetary with
an apple blossom tree overhanging them. It gives me great comfort they are surrounded by exquisite nature.
My prayers for your loss.