Sunday, August 24, 2008

Can't Wait for the Weekend

I'm finally over this cold and feeling more like my old self. Back to gym tomorrow, yay! Feeling a little frumpy without my usual exercise. I notice how grumpy I get without it. I think those close to me notice too hehehe.

I'm off to Naracoorte on Thursday morning. Will deliver the commission artwork to Naracoorte Primary School and say hello to the kids I met while I was artist in residence. Then going to pull down my exhibition and pack up all my artwork before going out to dinner Thursday night with Vanita and some of her friends and then Friday I'm heading off to Horsham with some new friends for the felting weekend. I haven't been in that neck of the woods since the 1970's. Horsham is the gateway to the Grampians which is one of the most beautiful places in Australia with waterfalls and fabulous bushland. Well it was in the 70's hehehe.

Had a few low times in the last couple of weeks so this trip should really lift my spirits and once home will get back to cleaning out the shed so I can try out some dyeing and eco prints and felting. Oo exciting times ahead.


susy said...

Hi Uta, this is the first time browsing your blog. I have just taken one of my sons to the art gallery in Naracoorte to view your work, fabulous and very inspiring. Afterwards he dragged me off to buy yet another lot of art supplies and a large canvas. I was dissapointed I missed your class when it was on but due to other commitments couldn't make it bĂșt here's hoping you may come back one day to do some more teaching. I noticed the picture of Grant, what an amazing paiter he is, I hope he shared some of his work with you and the story of why he wants to learn your collage technique. All those priceless letters from Joy Adamson. Hope you feel better soon.

Laura said...

What fun and so happy for you, Life keep moving on and we get to enjoy the ride. Have the greatest of times.


Uta said...

Thanks Sue for your kind words. Grant is going to be next year's SALA artist at Naracoorte Gallery. I love how he uses his fingers instead of a paint brush.

My best friend lives in Naracoorte so I will be there again. I'm willing to do another workshop whenever the kind people of Naracoorte want me. I love it there.

Uta said...

Thanks Laura :)

april said...

So glad you were feeling better for your weekend and we can't wait to hear about it! ...april