Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Some Good Finds

Had a few fabulous finds in the op shops. Bought some old saucepans to use for dyeing. Found an old rusty iron one I had lying around and cleaned that up. Also bought an old linen shirt very cheap. It was coming apart in the side seams which gave me the idea to unpick it and use the pieces to dye. I spent the late afternoon sitting quietly, mindlessly unpicking. Those mundane chores are very good for me. They still my mind and I somehow find peace. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I adore the holes the machine stitching leaves and the different shapes of the pieces with button holes here and frayed edges there. It shows the fabric has had a history and that's somehow comforting to me. Mmm all too delicious without the calories. Will no doubt come home on Monday with some newly made felt which I will endeavour to dye. My excitement is building and building.

I finished the commission piece for Naracoorte Primary School that I will deliver to them on Thursday. Not sure on the title. Usually the title comes to me while I work on it but not this time. "Letters and Numbers", "School Days", "Learning", "ABC and 123", "Days at School" are some titles I have come up with but none seem quite right. Any suggestions???

altered, stained and found papers on canvas


Doris said...

I really thought I had already commented here! How about,"Studying my ABC's and 123's"

Uta said...

Thanks Doris

april said...

I like Doris' suggestion and I also like yours, Uta. "School Days"..."ABC and 123"... oh goodness, now I'm confused. It'll come to you. ...april

Laura said...

Where are you at Lady???

Uta said...

With the help of my friends I decided to name the piece "Threads of Learning".