Saturday, September 6, 2008

Felting Fun

I know I've put way too many pics on here but how can you choose which ones to post when it was such a fabulous weekend? I must learn how to do that slide show thing.

There were 11 of us including the tutor, Val. It was just so great being with a group of women. We worked, we ate, we drank wine, we talked and above all we laughed. Women need to be with women from time to time I reckon. We stayed in Sylvania Park, a bed and breakfast and mohair farm just outside of Horsham, Victoria. The accommodation, food and wine was all included in the cost of the workshop and believe me there was so much food which Val had prepared for us. During the day when we worked Val had asked Pat to come and help with lunch. Pat was such a sweetheart. She would come around and make cups of coffee and tea for us and set up morning and afternoon tea so we didn't have to stop working. She would then come and whisk away any dirty dishes when we were finished. I could get used to that, I could get used to that very quickly.

Sylvania Park homesteads which is also home to the Mulgowrie Mohair Goat stud

500 acres only 15 minutes from the Grampians

Went for a walk and did some exploring when we arrived on the Friday

The Wimmera River is dry due to the drought with only stagnant pools here and there

Sunset and time to end my walk...

but not before finding this eagle's nest

I became a goat whisperer as I walked back through the paddock. I had to keep walking as stopping meant my clothes would get nibbled by the friendly goats.

In the kitchen having some pre dinner drinks

Dinner is nearly ready

My room, I loved it!

My work space in the back corner of the shearing shed

All the wool slivers laid out ready for felting my scarf

Val (in green) showing Glenn how to start felting her beret

Hard at work

I forgot what this technique is called but its felting onto silk chiffon. This was created by Wendy and it will be finished with some fresh water pearls being hand stitched here and there.
We made slippers and left them to dry near the fire. Mine are the blue ones.

Some hats.

We pinned folds into our berets and left them to dry on the on the fireplace

Here's Wendy creating another piece of beautiful silk chiffon with felt and fibre embellishments

Oops already uploaded this pic hehehe
The shearing shed was full of activity.
I had such a wonderful time it really recharged my batteries. I have put my name down for next year. I also bought a lot of wool slivers to take home. The first thing I want to make is a little bag for Zoe in her new favourite colour, pink.


april said...

Oh my gosh! A bit of heaven. What a wonderful time you had, I know. Everything is beautiful - your room and all the beautiful things you all made. Couldn't wait to see - thanks for showing us all the pix! ...april

april said...

Oh...and missed you!
Oh...and I love goats!...april

Laura said...

so funny how we are given these gifts to explore and then back to the really world and we have a hard time functioning again. But I'm so glad you regrouped and shared with us. Life of an artist is full and an act of balancing the everyday and the creative. What a great time and again thanks for sharing it.

Uta said...

Thanks for stopping by ladies

Laura said...

How many people did the workshop with you?

Uta said...

There were 10 of us Laura.

Doris said...

These are fantastic and all in one weekend! Now I'm itching to go to local shop to play! Thanks for sharing so much!
~Blue Heron

Uta said...

Its such fun Doris you really should give it a go.