Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yorketown Here I Come

At 5.15pm today I'll be boarding a bus to Yorketown to visit my old friend Kris. I even come with a gift. I saw it while I was in Horsham and knew that I had to buy it for her. I've never been to Kris' since she moved from Adelaide a few years ago. She always visits me when she comes to town so I thought it high time I did something about that. We've been friends since our children were young and our marriages had ended. We used to sit in each others bed with a cup of tea or coffee and have long girl talks. Can't wait to do that again, only now it will be Nana talks hehehe. Be back Saturday.


Kris said...

Hello Uta so nice of you to visit me at long last.

Doris said...

Have a wonderful trip!

april said...

How nice, Uta. I have a couple of old friends like that, that you never lose touch with. And I love the peach blossoms below! Beautiful color! And we are beginning to see autumn leaves! ...april