Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oh What Fun It Is To Dye

The weather has been so nice lately with the sun shining and the fragrance of spring in the air so I thought it would be nice to sit in the garden today, have a glass of wine, some cheese and other nibbles. However the weather took a turn for the worse and so the time in the garden was cut short.

Once inside I thought I would bundle up some cloth and have a go at dyeing. I has some recycled linen from a shirt bought in the op shop for $2.75 which I had unpicked. I wrapped some brown onion skins, sour sobs and dried rose petals in the linen and tied them up tightly. I then steamed the little bundles in an old aluminium pressure cooker also bought cheaply. After the steaming was complete there was coloured liquid in the bottom of the steamer - dye! I folded up another piece of linen and clamped it down with a bulldog clip and plonked it into the dye. I rushed out to take a photo in the failing light even before the cloth has a chance to dry. Haven't even rinsed them yet. Ok I think I'm truly hooked.

The second photo is a print I took of a violet flower and leaf by hitting it with a hammer. This dyeing and printing is just too much fun. It like opening prsents and its not even my birthday.

Happy Father's Day Dad.


Doris said...

Those are beautiful! And safe non toxic, natural beauty!

Uta said...

And FUN!