Monday, September 29, 2008


Its school holidays and Julia has taken Zoe to visit friends in Perth. Poor Zoe got sick and has an ear infection. They are hoping it has cleared up enough not to give her trouble on the flight. No doubt I'll hear as soon as they land. Anyway without interruptions from my little friend Zoe I should get a lot of art done. Usually when I plan to get a lot done something gets in the way, groan.

As my last work was about France or my dream of going to France one day (it now has a title "The Dream") I thought I'd make a detour and head off to Italy. The piece I'm working on at the moment has an Italian flavour. If I can't actually travel to these places I can at least go there in my work hehehe. That's the beauty of art, you can create your own world. I like to work in layers and people always seem to enjoy the depth I achieve so as I'm working on this piece I've taken a photo of each layer and will post the pics once its all finished. Will be interesting for me to see the transition too. I've just done layer six and its still got a long way to go. I knew I work in layers but didn't realise just how many. Ok on with the next layer!


Laura said...

I'm so glad you are taking picture of the layers. It's important as you say for you and other to see the process. I know as an artist too I love the process, all the choices and changes going on so much drama on the canvas right?
Can't wait to see.

Doris said...

Oooh. Italy will be very nice. More aspirations!

Uta said...

I've done layer 8 and am going to start painting the image on which will be layer 9. Didn't realise I did quite so many. Its been very interesting.