Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back to the Easel

Delivered some work to Gallery M for the exhibition committee to assess. Julia (daughter) and Zoe (granddaughter) and I have put in an exhibition proposal to Gallery M for an exhibition next year. Three generations of women in one exhibition. Hope we are accepted. Zoe was determined to carry her own work in. It brought a tear to our eyes, she's not even 7 yet. She proudly stood it against the wall with such confidence. Ah, wish I has some of that.

Once home I went back to the easel. There's been a piece sitting on the easel for months now. I started it long before my exhibition in Naracoorte. The background was completed but the idea I had for it didn't work. I played around with it several times but nothing was right, nothing seemed to work so there it sat taunting me. In the early hours of the morning, some time last week, I had one of those revelation moments. You know the ones? Where everything becomes clear like when the sun pokes through the clouds. These moments occur as I'm waking up. The time in that half awake state where you aren't really sleeping but you aren't really awake either. I have the same state when I fall asleep too. Anyway it suddenly became clear what that piece needed and yesterday it all fell into place. Painting was so easy and natural yesterday and I really like the look of what's happening. Hopefully I can finish it today and post a pic of it soon. I must say it was such a pleasure to be back at the easel. It seems I haven't had a real serious session for some time now.

Off to do my morning chores and then hopefully its back to the easel once more.

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