Monday, September 22, 2008

My Time With Kris

My trip to visit Kris in Yorketown was so much fun and very relaxing. Its so good to have quality time with old friends. Just being in each other's company and having a laugh. I must say Kris spoilt and pampered me a bit. She did some alterations to a few of my clothes yay, but I think Friday night was the ultimate in spoiling. Kris had planned to cook me dinner on Friday night. She knows I love her meatloaf and roast vegies but before she put dinner on she ran me a bath, infused the bath water with some relaxing Radox and lavender bubble bath, lit some incense and told me to go and relax while she cooked dinner. As I was soaking, surrounded by bubbles, Kris brought me in a cup of coffee. I don't have a bath at home. We only have a shower and Kris knows I miss my bath time. While I was away I had such a sense of freedom, I made an appointment at the hairdresser and had my hair cut short. I will post a pic as soon as I can get someone to take a photo.

Kris' little cottage.

In the garden down the side.

Out the back.

Here's Kris sewing.
There are salt pans scattered around the area and in certain light they are pink.
Not sure if the photo captures that.

Main street of Yorketown.

Main street.

The old hotel in which we had a nice lunch of roast beef and roast vegetables.
The other hotel across the street.

Can't go anywhere without a visit to the cemetery.
Reading the headstones gives me a sense of the history of the place.

On the way home I saw this kangaroo sculpture.
Its companion the emu had been stolen by some pranksters.
It has been found and is waiting installation.


Julia said...

you will have to learn the art of the self portrait with camera - I'm an expert will teach you haha or alternatively I could just take your photo lol

Julia said...

haha click on my name - it links to my page how cool is that!

Laura said...

such great images and the sky so blue it really adds to the enjoy me you had. Now for julia's picture, I went on her site and was blown away by the nudes she took how beautiful they are. I just love them, being I'm learning about that side of the art and the beauty of the human body. You gals are something..

april said...

Love seeing the pictures from your trip and seeing your friend. What a nice time and you've journaled it with your photos. Love that. ...april

uta said...

Spring is here and with it the blue sky. I've missed that.

Doris said...

What a wonderful friend! I thought the salt pans are very pink! Not much vegetation in town? Another superb artist date!