Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Spring Is My Favourite Season

The last few days have been great. I've been able to lose myself in the studio. Had cooked enough dinner for two nights so didn't even have to stop to cook last night. It was hard to come back down to earth though. Does that happen to anyone else? Hopefully I should finish the Italian piece today. I'm thinking the title will be "Tuscany Looks Nice This Time of Year".

Looks like rain today. We could use it. Garden is already dry and its just in the start of spring. So many blossoms on my peach tree and they are turning into tiny peaches (so cute). Orange tree is so full of blossoms this year. With the jasmine, orange blossoms and wisteria all blooming at the moment, the garden is so fragrant. I open the windows and let the scent inside. I love spring!

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Doris said...

What wonderful fragrance! Sounds so invigorating. I didn't realize you had oranges there!