Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tuscany Looks Nice This Time of Year

Two posts in one day. What's the world coming to??? Just finished the Italian piece and thought I'd post pics of the layers like I promised.

First layer is just some random blotches of acrylic paint. I don't always paint first. It all depends on what paper I use to collage with. If I'm going to stick on old book pages I don't paint first.

Layer number two is just a wash of one colour to harmonise all the colours of the first layer.

Layer number three is very ugly. Paper glued on and torn off. This is to add texture. I usually like to use old book pages or newspaper or old phone book pages for this technique. Seeing this piece was about Italy I thought English text would be wrong so that's why I went for the plain paper instead.

Next layer is just a wash of acrylic paint and the texture is starting to appear.

Layer 5 is another wash of acrylic paint to make the surface richer.I like to use washes as they allow each layer to show through which adds depth to the finished piece.

I love text in my work so layer 6 was adding some Italian text and some pretty bits of paper here and there to add interest. Some of the text is image transfer using printable rub ons and other text I've written on myself. Got some Italian love poems off the net. It was hard writing in Italian. I had to be careful not to make mistakes. At this stage I'm still only working randomly and not thinking too much about placement.

Layer 7 is some stamping with my favourite letter stamps. The words say "Its a beautiful day, no?" Still just working randomly.

Layer 8 is yet another acrylic wash to blend everything together.

Now here I should have layer 9 where I painted in blocks of colour for the door and shutters etc and then layer 10 is the detail drawn on with conte and layer 11 was another wash to put in the shadows. I didn't realise till it was too late that they were actually different layers and should have been recorded. Will try again with the next piece. This just needs some layers of varnish to protect it and its all finished.
Tuscany Looks Nice This Time of Year
collage, image transfer and acrylic paint on canvas
76.2cm x 50.8cm (30"x20")


Laura said...

What's so great about this piece and makes such a great impact and it such a small detail is the shadow. in collage especially with abstract work of gluing papers it's more about composition but when putting in real images and making it of a certain place in time it's important to put the light source in there isn't it Uta.. Job well done we need a class from you. Now I have to ask you did you draw out the door and window on the surface or did you draw it out on a different paper like tissue and then layer it down? got my curiousity up...

Uta said...

Once I painted the colour for the door and shutters I drew the detail right onto the canvas.

Beth said...

this is so cool! (I know I'm repeating myself, but WOW! I love it! It's fascinating to see your processes! Things I never would have thought of doing. Awesome!!!!!

Doris said...

Thanks for documenting the layers! It's very interesting.

Uta said...

Thanks ladies. I found it interesting documenting the layers. When you are actually creating you don't take note of everything you do.

april said...

Just love seeing the whole process. Thank you, Uta. It's just beautiful. April

Uta said...

Thanks April