Monday, October 6, 2008

Blue Bowl, Yellow Lemons

This canvas was a piece that I just couldn't get to work so I glued on some old book pages as the first layer.

Now I've added image transfers of my grandmother's handwriting and added some patterned paper.

A little wash of colour is next.

A little darker colour for the edges.

Some text stamped on. (Sun was behind a cloud. Hence the variation in colour from the previous pic)

Still looked a bit bland so more colour!

Patterned stamp used in darker colour.

Picture roughly sketched in and filled with colour.

Details and tone added.

I felt the background was still too pale so another deeper wash was added.

Shadow of the bowl added to stop it looking like it was floating in mid air.
Irene's Kitchen
collage, image transfer, acrylic paint and conte on canvas
91 x 91cm (36"x36")


Laura said...

Now I have to ask when glueing the first layer of paper do you pull it off some to get the raw paper edges or is that happening when you first tear the papers and glue it down?

so cool Uta. Well done and thank you for the quickie on how too's.


Laura said...

check out this site, her work isn't like your but she does use the background of many layers related to yours.

Look at all her work kind of neet.


Doris said...

I can smell the lemons! How beautiful!

Uta said...

I always leave the edge of the pages sticking up so I can pull them off when the medium has dried a little. Some areas come right off showing the words from the other side. I love that old billboard look.
And the lemons were pinched from Bob's daughters tree while they were away. I do enjoy the mischief hehehe.

Uta said...

Thanks for the site Laura. I particularly like the city scenes.

Laura said...

thanks for the tip!!!