Sunday, October 26, 2008

Adelaide Zombie Walk

Started work on a new piece yesterday. Some more inanimate objects from everyday life. Got the background done and I'm quite happy with it. Its a bit darker than I wanted and covers a lot of the text from the torn book pages I used but that's ok. Nearly finished drawing the image on and then I'll be ready to paint. Have a backlog of ideas I want to paint. My ideas are coming in so strong and fast I can't keep up with them. That's good I say. Nothing worse than having no ideas at all.

Julia and some of her friends went on Adelaide's Zombie Walk last night. Yes they all dressed up as zombies and walked the streets. Zoe was excited to be in on the action. After the walk I picked her up and took her home so the adult Zombies could have drinks in the many venues offering cheap drinks to Zombies.

Zombies all ready for their big walk.

Mother and daughter zombies.
Aren't they beautiful?


april said...

Oh my gosh! What good zombies! When I was young, I loved the zombie movies. Actually all the old horror films. Felt sorry for and cried for the Werewolf, etc. Anyway, what a fun time and great pix!

Laura said...

Looks like fun, Where are you Uta???

Doris said...

They are frightful! Especially that little one! What fun!