Sunday, August 10, 2008

Photos of My Week in Naracoorte


Interview for the local newspaper


some beautiful papers were stained
and altered

made some new friends
Hi Grant

lots of sticking, sticking and more sticking


I was really made to feel special in Naracoorte. The Naracoorte community is made up of such a wonderful, warm and friendly group of people, who accepted me into their midst, it brought a tear to my eye at my exhibition opening.
My week as Artist in Residence at Naracoorte Primary School was an absolute delight. I had so much fun with all the kids, some of whom came to my exhibition opening, that I felt quite heavy hearted to leave them. Hi to Graeme, Annie and Adele. I wish to sent a very big thank you to Dylan Bartels who was such a support to me that I really don't know how I would've managed without him. He gave up his recess and lunch times to help me clean the multitude of brushes, paint trays and water pots and helped me set up for the next class. He worked tirelessly putting out chairs and helping me without even being asked. He's such a special kid and I hope I get to see him again when next I'm in town.
I also enjoyed the collage workshop I gave and made some new friends. I love sharing information I've gathered in my artistic exploits and in sharing I also get so much back. The group who attended the workshop have inspired me with a whole lot of new ideas which are formulating in my head. My art will have to take a back seat for a little while as I've outgrown my studio space. I'm about to give the shed a good clean out and plan to be ruthless and throw out as much as Bob will let me. We used it as a pottery studio and now its storage and a general dumping ground. Well that's all about to change so I can set up a nice studio space where I can leave work in progress set up and not have to pack up every night. Oo I'm so excited, plan to start the clean up next week.
Anyway that's me all caught up after my exciting week away. Will be going away again around the 28th Aug. My exhibition needs to come down and then I will be joining a couple of new friends in a felting workshop weekend which is being held in Horsham. Have wanted to get serious about felting for some time now but never got around to it. What's that saying of Buddha, "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear". That's how I feel about this felting workshop. The exhibition, residency and workshop I was working towards was over and I was ready to explore new grounds and a new media when I heard about this felting workshop. Spooky isn't it? hehehe.
One more thing, a big happy birthday to my Bob who is 57 today. He's still my knight in shining armour and my best friend :)


Doris said...

Those are really wonderful pictures and the children's work is really awesome. Their parents must be tickled by their creations! Special birthday wishes to Bob!

Uta said...

Thanks Doris, will pass that onto Bob.