Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Shed

Is it just me or is time moving more quickly than usual. Hasn't been anything on the news about this scientific phenomenon so maybe its just me that thinks so.
There's been a few family issues of late. One involving my sister Ilka and another involving my daughter Julia. Too personal to discuss here but I can feel their weight on my shoulders. I'm very worried and saddened but trying to keep positive thoughts going.
Had a couple of bouts of overeating grr! I've been doing so well and then I made chocolate chip cake for Bob's birthday. My thought patterns are this: if you are going to have a piece of chocolate cake you might as well eat chocolate and biscuits and all those other naughty things you know you should keep away from. Chocolate chip cake is all gone now and I've vowed to get back on the straight and narrow.
After gym today I'm finally going to start clearing out the shed. I need my new studio space as I've truly outgrown the space I'm using now. I know it will take some time to clear the shed properly but it will be worth it. Artwork will probably be on hold for awhile although I know I will have to spend some time on my art otherwise I'll get really grumpy. My need to create is as strong as my need to breathe sometimes.
Wish me luck as I head off into the uncharted realms of the shed. If you don't hear from me soon, send out a search party. Yes the shed is that bad. I might need to leave a trail so I can be found in case I lose my way.
Off to gym first.


Doris said...

I was told a study had been done on the way we perceive time, as youth we see it as slow and as we age it tends to move quicker than we care for. If only we were as carefree as youth!

Laura said...

good to read your blog and your picture are great. so excited for you to be have a new space soon.
What an adventure, could this be used for a task???