Sunday, August 17, 2008

Its Sunday. I did end up getting a bit of a cold but not bad enough to stay in bed. The big shed clean up is moving along so slowly, groan. I do the same as I do for my artwork; small doable actions daily. Then the small actions will add up and before I know it the shed will be done, right? I try not to look at the whole thing. Just little sections. The shed is quite big, factory size so it will take some time.

Been reading Eco Colour by India Flint. Its a fabulous book about dyeing fabrics using natural dyes rather than synthetic. I really like the eco prints where leaves and flowers are used to imprint onto fabrics. The old fingers are itching to get into it and experiment with this world of textiles that this book has opened up for me. It will be my reward for cleaning out the shed. I need the space in which to do it and I'm determined not to use my kitchen. Check out India Flint's website but be warned its addictive.

Pruned my roses yesterday. Yes I know I'm about a month late but its been so cold and gloomy outside that I just couldn't bring myself to do it before now. I didn't intend to do it but I was walking through my much neglected garden yesterday and the sun shone with the promise of spring. I just needed to be out in the garden doing some ordinary mundane thing and before I knew it the roses were pruned and my hands cut from the thorns. Yes I have gardening gloves but didn't stop to put them on.

Today the sun is shining again and its been a pleasure doing the washing and hanging it out on the line. Its still cold but its nice to get some sun.


april said...

happy birthday to you...happy birthday to you...happy birthday, happy birthday...happy birthday to yooooooooooou. (card is in the mail) xxApril

Uta said...

Aw thanks April

tumbleweed said...

thank you for your kind words about my book (and the website!)
best wishes and happy dyeing
India (aka Tumbleweed)

Uta said...

OMG Its a comment from India Flint herself. How cool is that!!! Thanks India