Sunday, July 13, 2008

Countdown - 2 Weeks to go.

Only two weeks before I leave for Naracoorte. I felt so organised but as the time is getting closer I feel the panic set in. It feels like there is so much still to do but is there really??? Not a great lover of lists but I think I will make one just to make sure I don't run out of time. Hope all my artwork will fit in my car.

The computer is playing up. Turned it on this morning and it crashed and froze and then I couldn't even get it to load. Took about half an hour of turning it off and on, off and on before it decided to finally start. Its too old to bother getting it fixed and there's not enough money in the kitty for a new one.

Off for a walk and then its time for some washing (perfect drying weather) and hopefully some art will get done as well.

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Doris said...

Why does the computer always act up when we're needing to get something done? Sheeesh.