Thursday, July 24, 2008

Its Thursday

Its Thursday already and I'm heading off to Naracoorte on Sunday morning. I just need to finish off a couple of altered papers and then start packing my art supplies and collage materials etc. I also like to do some cooking for Bob and freeze it otherwise he will eat junk while I'm gone and we can't have that. I'm still a little nervous about the whole thing but my very wise friend, Laura advised me to "just tell them what you know". How simple is that? I know once I'm there I will have a great time. I mean who wouldn't have fun? A whole week with 380 children ranging from 5 to 12 years old (number has risen from 350) with glue paints and collage materials. I should arrive in Naracoorte about lunch time on Sunday and in the afternoon I will be shown the school and will be able to set up so all will be ready to start on Monday morning. Note to self: pack warm clothes, coat, gloves, scarf, Naracoorte is very cold in winter.
Looking forward to visit Gare's Swamp again. Its at the end of Vanita's street and its an ancient aboriginal meeting place. I feel really connected to this spot and can see why the aboriginal people used to meet there. It has a very spiritual feeling to it. It feels like you are connecting with the earth more deeply when you visit there. In summer the swamp dries up and there's just a meagre little pond left but its winter now and there will be loads of water and lots of bird life. The air will be crisp and it will be soooooooo peaceful, mmm.


Doris said...

Gare's Swamp sounds like the most wonderful spot to visit! The children of Naracoorte will be so pleased with your sharing, no worries!

Uta said...

Thanks Doris :)

Laura said...

your set lady, Can't be more ready then you are. Attitude in Check and your ready to go. Rest up on Saturday if you can,no really make that a part of your day and you will feel great. Uta, is required to take a 1hour nap on Saturday afternoon. It's what the doctor order... hehehe

Uta said...

Ooo That's hard Laura. I'm not a nap taker. I leave that up to Bob. How about a relaxing spa at the gym. Will that do?