Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Had a hissy fit yesterday about my weight. Well not so much my weight as my inability to lose weight lately. I decided to check my kilojoules/calorie intake as I thought I really wasn't eating very much but I could've been wrong. That was all ok. I know I exercise hard as well so I was really getting upset. Its harder to keep the flab at bay as you get older but I felt like I really work hard at my diet and exercise and I should see better results. Its all very depressing.

I don't like fad diets. I want to adopt an eating plan that I can stick to for the rest of my life. Very rarely do I eat junk food. I eat wholegrains, lean meat and fresh fruit a vegetables. Not much processed food so what am I doing wrong?????

People kept going on about metabolism and metabolic rate so I thought I would look on the net and see if there is anything to speed up my metabolic rate. Here's a couple of inspiring sites

It seems from reading this research I'm not eating enough. When you don't eat enough your body thinks there's a famine and slows down its metabolic rate in order to conserve energy and last longer. The body also holds onto its fat stores. I should be eating 5-6 small meals a day instead of 3 larger ones.

Anyway I thought I would give it a try. Anything that tells me to eat more is worth a try hehehe.
This is the sort of diet I will try along with my aerobic exercise and weight training.
Breakfast - wholegrain cereal and low fat milk
Mid morning snack - yogurt and fruit
Lunch - a little lean chicken or fish with green leafy salad
Mid afternoon snack - nuts and a piece of cheese
Dinner - Lean meat and steamed vegetables
After dinner snack - fruit
This is sort of how I eat now except I don't eat as much protein and I only have one snack in the afternoon and that's fruit.

Wish me luck. Thought I would try this out for 2 weeks and see how I go.


Fat_Into_The_Fire said...

That is a pretty good diet you have outlined there. The key is to focus on protein and build fats and carbs around that at proper levels. Of course, exercise must be a part of the whole equation. Best of health to you!

Doris said...

That is a great diet. Aerobic exercise increases your stress cortisol and appetite, so make sure your proteins fit in sync, and you're on your way! I'm good at following my diet, it's all the extras that enter my vision that wreck my resolve.

Laura said...

The protein will help at each meal with any hungery between. But make sure you fit in some protein like some lentil and beans too.

Sounds great.

Uta said...

Thanks guys for all the tips. Love the name "fat into the fire". Hope mine gets burned up soon.

april said...

Sounds good, Uta. This is the way I eat too, (except for those things that sneak in). You have inspired me to keep track too. When I was sick last week, I must have really craved vitamin C as I was eating fruit and tomato soup for days. Lost 5 pounds (that will quickly find me again). I am getting much too hippy and need to pay attention NOW! Putting a small tv with my yoga tape down in my studio too. Always felt better with that. ...April

butterfly woman said...

Good luck Uta. I like the kind of diet you're looking at. It's interesting I was just reading about diets and ADD. Sometimes I think I have it (very short attention span). Anyway, protein at every meal very important according to book I'm reading. Get creative, paint! that will burn off those calories swinging that old paint brush! You inspire me to watch what I eat now.