Monday, July 7, 2008

This and That

Delivered two collages for the Blackwood Rotary Art Prize and Exhibition yesterday. Julia has entered as well but in the photography section. I used to exhibit in this event quite a few years ago but that was before I started doing 2D work. I saw the entry form lying on the counter of my local art shop so I thought why not enter again. Its good to get your name out there.

Picking Julia up from the airport tonight. She's been in Melbourne spending some time with a good friend of hers. A lot of shopping was done I gather and some much needed girly time.

After gym I'm spending time with my good friend Vanita. Being a teacher and living in Naracoorte I only get to see her in school holidays. Haven't seen her since February and I'm looking forward to connecting with her today. We always say we are going to do something different and end up having lunch and shopping every time hehehe. Lucky I love to shop.

P.s. New eating plan is working a treat. Never hungry and full of energy.


Doris said...

That is a new blog title? I really like it!

Uta said...

Same title I've had since I started. Glad you like it :)