Tuesday, July 15, 2008

tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock

Hear that clock ticking? AAAAAHHHHGGG! Just starting to freak out a little. Will I remember to take everything? What if I forget the staple gun? Still not 100% clear on the project I will do with the 350 kids. Still need to alter some more paper before I leave. Shall I leave on the Saturday or the Sunday? Inner critic working overtime.

Ok a nice deep cleansing breath. Today I have a date with Zoe. Its school holidays and she would like to visit the museum and maybe also the botanical gardens to feed the ducks. If there's enough time I will also take her to the children's library. She is such a little healer I'm sure a day with her will do me the world of good.


Doris said...

There certainly are clocks running all over the place!

Laura said...

I was just informed that the 90 minute mini workshop is even cut down to less because that has to included set up and clean up. Reading your preparing for the big workshop session with the kido's I feel right with you on this journey. I know sharing from my end is I have to imagine it my head and really walk through it like I'm doing it and keep the door open for the unexpected but it does help and I the list write make an agenda to follow it helps me stay on track. Don't know if will work for you but it might help. I know everyone has their own way. Remember this: Share and teach what you know and you will be alright. Stay true to your processes you do and it will be just fine.
Much love and hugs

Uta said...

Thanks Laura. Its really helped :)

april said...

Your date with Zoe will calm you down. You will think "what is more important than that!"...April