Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Been Working Hard

The dinner and movie the other night was fun. Its good to get out with the family and escape the real world by watching a children's movie. Zoe seemed to enjoy it as she laughed out loud quite a bit. In fact we all did. I loved it when it rained gum balls and the ground just became a sea of coloured balls.

Yesterday I got to spend 6 hours doing my artwork (happy, happy, joy, joy). Today I also spent more time on my artwork but it was interrupted by a shopping trip with Mum and Julia. Couldn't miss out on a shopping trip with two of may favourite girls :). Its after dinner now and I will go and do some more painting and stamping and gluing as soon as I finish this post. That's the beauty of summer time - not only is there longer daylight but there are no good programs on tv to lure you. I'm struggling a bit with the series of 3 I'm working on. I'm trying something new and not sure the direction it will take. The time just flies by so I know I'm enjoying myself.

Got mail today from overseas. I love getting mail that's not bills. I now have a lovely collection of cards that my internet friends have sent me over the last year. Mostly the cards are of their own artwork and I treasure them. I am still amazed how close you can get to people you have never physically met. Ok that's enough rambling. Back to work for a little while longer so I have some new work to show you soon. With Christmas etc. it feels like such a long time since I finished a new piece.


Laura said...

Can't wait to see the piece.

Doris said...

Looking forward to the new piece...anything with gum balls in it?

butterfly woman said...

That creation is there inside you brewing away like coffee perculating ready to blow us all away. I've enjoyed getting to know you better Uta. I too am amazed at how the internet itself can foster friendships.(And even more so with overseas connections).
GumBalls, I too could see you doing something with gumballs in it!Something happy and playful.

april said...

I am enjoying my overseas friend too.

And I know something wonderful is going to happen with your new piece. You are enjoying your art time so much.