Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Willow Tree

I had a lovely time with my sister and my mum yesterday. We spent most of our day in Ilka's garden. Ilka and her partner Herman moved about 3 months ago. They have settled in now and look like they have lived there for years. They have a big willow tree in the back yard. The tree looks like it had twin trunks at one time. One of the trunks has been cut down and Ilka has placed a cushion on the stump. Its a great place to sit with your back on the remaining trunk surrounded by the dangling branches and leaves. It was a perfect day with lovely weather and good company.

Julia is stressing at the moment hehehe. She put an application in to be part of the show 'Master Chef'. There were 7500 applications in South Australia and only 100 of these get a chance to audition. Julia was one of them. She only got notified on Friday and has to front up at 7.30 Monday morning with a prepared dish. The dish has to be a cold as there are no heating facilities at this stage of the competition. If the audition goes well you go into the next stage which means cooking a dish in front of the cameras on Tuesday. Julia asked me to go with her as her support person. With such short notice I hope I am able to make it.


april said...

Did you have your camera with you. That willow with the cushion sounds like something out of a movie. And good luck to Julia! My gosh, "my Julie" loves to cook, has a big kitchen and watches the food network daily, cooking everything. She would have loved to be with her!

Laura said...

Congrat's goes out to Julie, how cool is that? we will be rooting for her here in the states.

butterfly woman said...

I used to love sitting in my mother-in-law's house in her backyard against the truck of her big old trees. Felt so great to feel the warmth and connection of mother nature. Congrats to Julia, multi-talented gal she is. There's one show on TV Hell's Kitchen" I think where the chef is a brute. Glad she's not on that show!
Take care.

Doris said...

Congrats to Julia and Break a leg!
We'll be rooting for her!
Can envision that tree.
I played with my little trolls under a willow tree...used to get yelled at for climbing them!