Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Some of my internet friends are in the cold with snow and arctic winds so I thought I would send them a little sunshine. We have enough to go around. Its a scorcher today.

Julia, Zoe and I went on a little photo shoot on Sunday. We like to call it being tourists in our own town hehehe.

One of my favourite place is Kingston Park. Its about 20 minutes from my house and the lookout overlooks the coast. Down below is Kingston Park caravan park which is always busy this time of year as its right on the beach.
Here's Zoe taking a photo of a fishing boat she saw on the water.

Please ignore the added, yet to come off, Christmas weight on yours truly hehehe.

This last photo is near my house. On the left is the park where I like to take Jack for a walk. Its all dry with no green grass due to the season. They are working on the park at the moment and have just made a dog section which is completely fenced off so the dogs can play together without the fear of them running on the road. The plans are for new picnic areas complete with barbecues etc. Now if you look on the horizon you can see the buildings of Adelaide city centre. It looks lovely at night with the lights twinkling. If you walk down the street and turn left at the second round-a-bout, then go a little further and you will reach my place. Drop in for a coffee if you're in the neighbourhood hehehe.
Too hot for artwork today. Still haven't got back into the swing of things. It still feels like I'm on holiday. I will get back to the easel when the time is right I dare say.


Laura said...

thanks for the sun Uta, It sure helps us believe there will be warmth again. More snow is coming all this week. All I can say is we will have good growth in the spring with all this moisture on top this winter.

april said...

So pretty. The coastline is beautiful. And thanks for the tour! Yes, would love a cup of coffee. What a nice idea to go out for a little neighborhood photo shoot. Zoe looks so "grown-up". What a cutie! (and yes, funny to see Julia and you on my blog this morning!)

Doris said...

I'm warming up already! Thanks for momentary mental escape!

Julia said...

correction dear mother of mine - its Brighton caravan park not Kingston Park caravan park :P

butterfly woman said...

Thanks for the oasis of hot Australia. Your warm personable self alleviates some of the brutal cold here too. Fun to walk with you. If you check out my site yesterday, you'll see some ice sculpture photos. Might help you cool down a little! I tried sending you a snowball remember, it melted.
Thought that counts!Time to get my 4 layers of clothes out!

april said...

Had to stop back this morning for another sniff of sun. I can feel it, Uta.