Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Work - Finally!

I am proud to announce I'm finally back on track after the Christmas disruption. Have had a lovely time at the easel and feel like I'm back in control. I had to leave the coffee cup series because it was giving me grief and went onto something else just to break the ice so to speak. I usually work in bright colours but thought I would give something dark a try. I was aiming for that dark look like the old masters have. I also wanted to keep the objects transparent to let the background show through. For the darker areas I just let more background show through and applied more paint to the lighter areas. I think I will do a few more dark paintings as I thoroughly enjoyed the process. I think I will do one more painting before getting back to the coffee cup series.
She Grew Gourds in Her Garden
mixed media on canvas
50.8cm x 60.9cm (20"x24")
Master Chef auditions were a lot of fun. Julia is happy to announce she did NOT get in. She was really happy to get back to her no stress life. We met some really nice people and saw (and tasted) some very inspiring food. The show will air here in May and I will be interested to see if I recognise any faces.


Laura said...

Your a mistess in our own right!
as of Master at you creations.

Wonderfully done!
and so good to her your happeness shinning through.

I think we are to go aware from our craft now and then to totally appreciate what we have.


Uta said...

Gee thanks Laura. What a lovely thing to say :)

butterfly woman said...

I believe the Old Masters would be proud of what you have done yet you've added such a wonderful touch of yourself in it too. The delicateness of the gourds are beautiful. I find doing transparent objects very challenging. I like the soft purples and golden colors. They work well together! To me, one of your best pieces yet!!!!

Uta said...

Thank you for your kind words and support. Its really appreciated.

Doris said...

The gourds are stunning...I immediately thought about all the gourds just languishing around my home hoping to be used and enjoyed.