Thursday, January 29, 2009

Its Summer

Yesterday the temperature reached 45.7C (114F). Its the hottest day for 70 years. Overnight it only got down to 33C (91F). Phew! You'd think with all that sweating a person would lose some weight, but not I!!! I think the worse thing about it all is the cabin fever. You don't really venture out much and you close all curtains from the outside heat. I suppose its a bit like hibernation only its hot. I envy my fish swimming around in their cool pond. Poor Jack is feeling the heat. He just lays around panting. He hates water so I can't even hose him down to keep him cool.

I did manage to do some artwork yesterday. The paint was drying even before I finished the brush stroke. Okay that's a bit of exaggeration but only a bit. I'm still just working on backgrounds until my creative flow returns. Like my good friend Laura says "you got to show up at the canvas" so that's what I'm doing. I'm actually enjoying just playing around with colour and texture without having a preconceived idea. Will have to brave the heat soon and go out for more canvases.

I went out with Julia last night. We went to see an Ani DiFranco concert. The venue was air conditioned YAY! Oh yeah and the concert was great too hehehe. Shame the man next to me couldn't sit still and wouldn't stop talking or singing. Perhaps if you drank less beer you wouldn't need to get up and go to the bathroom so often and disturb all the people around you. Ani is a very passionate story teller and I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. Its great watching people that are passionate about their art. Very inspiring!


Julia said...

Ah Ani *sigh*...

Doris said...

Oh how wonderful to fill your well and cool at the same time!