Sunday, March 29, 2009

By Popular Demand

Ok just to wet your appetites a little I have posted some small details of my current series. Just a little tease to keep you interested and to make your wait more bearable hehehe hahaha hehe.

The texture of the background which is 'a wall' carries through from one painting to the next so when they are displayed it just flows from one to the other like one complete wall. Can I go back to the easel now??? Can I??? Is this enough to keep you going for awhile hehehe.


april said...

Looking fabulous! Love the "whitewash" background reminding me of white shoe polish with gorgeous little legs and pretty shoes. And what lies under the "whitewash" - your background text, etc. so interesting. Just beautiful!

Tatiana Kuzyk said...

I love the depth of the background of your pieces, Uta, and this one draws me right in, too. Please, post more photos as you develop the series. I'd love to see how it grows... maybe couple more teasers?

Uta said...

Thanks April :)

Its too late to show you the development as they are nearly finished. Will take photos of one of my next pieces to show you how it grows.

Anonymous said...

These are going to look so good on the gallery wall. I think they'd make great book jacket designs too... reduced in size, of course... :)

Doris said...

They are great teasers! I do like the idea of book jackets and after reading April's blog, I'm thinking they could be displayed that way instead of on the wall! Maybe with some mome raths sneaking out from between the pages!