Monday, March 9, 2009

Full Days

I've been so busy I haven't been on the net for a few days. Number 2 grandchild, Evan had his second birthday party yesterday and number one grandchild, Zoe has chicken pox. Poor Zoe was quite upset that she couldn't go to Evan's party. She has changed schools recently and was invited to a birthday party of a new school friend but she couldn't attend that either.

I haven't had time to do a lot of artwork. My days have been very full. Going to appointments with Bob and generally helping him to recover takes more time than I imagined. Plus I'm trying to clean out the shed. We have a very large shed that's been used for storage for quite some time. It has got into a real mess and I'm trying to get a little control of the chaos in there. The aim is for me to have a real studio space and for Bob to have an organised area for his work. I say organised because Bob tends to be a bit of a mess and I'm determined to enlighten him on a tidier and more organised existence hehehe. That's a huge task in itself. I'm sure the older I get the less hours there are in a day. I don't seem to get as much done as I used to. Or is it that I'm just trying to fit too much into one day?

Julia has lent me a computer screen. Mine was getting impossible to deal with. It was so dark even on the brightest setting. Now I can see so much more and can't wait to look at every one's art. I will be able to see all the details, yay.

Well we've had our dinner so I'm going to spend some time at the easel before I get too tired.


Julia said...

i know you mean numer 1 as in the eldesy and number 2 the youngest but it doesnt sound like that lol

Doris said...

Oh the chicken pox are so horrible! I wished I could have them for my children...they were so miserable!
I thought we intended to have tea out in that shed when I get there!