Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Had Some Fun But Its Good To Be Home

on the road again

watch out for kangaroos at dawn and dusk

Doreen, the lady who invited me to hold the workshop

we made a real mess

everyone is very busy

The River Murray near Murray Bridge

about 45 minutes from home

I had a really lovely time over the weekend. The ladies from Mt Gambier where an absolute pleasure to work with. They are textile artists so working with paper was something new to them but they all did a magnificent job. Doreen was kind enough to put me up for the night on Saturday night so I didn't have to drive back to my friend, Vanita's place in Naracoorte which is about an hour away from Mt Gambier. I don't like driving on country roads at dusk or dawn as that's when the kangaroos are out. They are prone to jump in front of the car. Not only does this kill or injury a beautiful animal, but it makes a real mess of your car and you risk injuring yourself to boot.

Although I had a great time I was itching to get back home and start on the dangling legs series. Its a series of four with each pair of feet doing something different like the toes pointing in or the ankles crossed etc. One of them will be with brightly coloured striped stockings, another with white little ankle socks etc etc. At the moment I'm calling them the 'Little Miss Series' with Little Miss Quirky, Little Miss Coy, Little Miss Prim and Little Miss Proper. These are just working titles and I may change it if I think of something better. They are of course larger than life size with each canvas being 91.4x60.9cm (36"x24"). For the background I am going for an old wall effect and it looks like the Little Misses are sitting on the wall. I've drawn them all and as soon as I draw the stripes on the stockings I'm ready to start on the backgrounds. I'm really pushing myself with these as I'm trying to get all four done in a week. Let's hope life doesn't get in the way as is usually the case. Today is eight weeks till delivery to the gallery so I'd better stop rambling and get back to it.


Anonymous said...

Oo I wish I'd been on your workshop... it looks FUN!
Enjoy your painting Uta... you're sparkling AND sparking that creative flame!
Love Julie x

Laura said...

Yes the workshop looked great, just what it should be paper everywhere and students looking greatly at their projects. good for you.

On ward my dear and we will be cheering you on.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your report.
Thanks for the fotos.
The river looks great.

Doris said...

Are you driving on the wrong side of the road? No wonder the kangaroos think it's okay to cross! Never imagined worry over kangaroos in the road!I may have to pull out an old woodcut I did of kangaroos! I'm glad you had a safe enjoyable trip!

Uta said...

Thanks everyone for your encouraging comments :) and Doris, no I'm not driving on the wrong side of the road, just a different side to what you drive on hehehe.

butterfly woman said...

Love the kangeroo sign. I admit if I was there I'd hope to see one hopping across the road, especially with a little baby in pouch. What a sight!
can't wait to see Zoe's leg series. Reminds of the book Pippie Longstocking. One of my favorites as a kid.
Keep up the creative streak!

april said...

Great photos and great titles for your "dangling legs"!