Sunday, March 1, 2009

Art and Bob

Bob is home from hospital. He's had the district nurse over to change his bandages and I got to see. All I'm going to say about that is, I wish I hadn't. Let's just say I'm not cut out to be a nurse. Some people are meant to be nurses and some people are meant to be artists. Since home, Bob has had some swelling. I think he's doing too much too soon and needs to rest more. He has an appointment at the hospital tomorrow so we will find out how things are going and hopefully my mind will be put at ease.

On the art front I have started another canvas. This time some pears I found in the local fruit and veg shop became my models. The colours were so interesting. Not your usual brown pear and not your usual green pear. They had the most beautiful shades of red, burgundy and green I've ever seen. I chose them carefully and bought 5. I chose ones with interesting shapes, ones that leaned over to one side when they stood on their bottoms and of course, needless to say they all had to have their stems in tact. I've photographed them all in a row and have a really long thin canvas on which to paint them. The canvas is 40.6x121.8cm (16"x48") so each pear will be roughly about the size of my head. Big is beautiful I say! I'm struggling a bit with the background. Not sure if its because Bob is home. I work better in total isolation when I paint. Oh well I will have another go at it today and hopefully I will resolve it.

p.s. The pears not only look good but taste good also. Very juicy mmm.


Tatiana Kuzyk said...

The name of my 'Bob' is Greg, but the effect on my creative juices (speaking of pears) is roughly the same.
Long canvas seems very interesting as a composition setting... look forward to seeing some pix.

Anonymous said...

Is good to hear that Bob is at home.
I have to see the skin doctor Wednesday.
Hope that the skin is healthy.
Hope that Bob will be much better soon.

april said...

Thoughts are with you and Bob. Hope a good report is on the way.

The pears sound delicious (slurp-slurp) and the long canvas perfect. Be inspired.

Doris said...

Looking forward to seeing those pears! I must make some time to draw some! Sending more healing Bob's way and hope your news is good!