Tuesday, February 24, 2009


The Sunflower
Mixed media on canvas
60.9x60.9cm (24"x24")

The Journey
mixed media on canvas
60.9x60.9cm (24"x24")


Laura said...


Anonymous said...

Both wonderful !
I like it very much!!!

butterfly woman said...

Love how the sunflower is just peeking its head into canvas. Brilliant flower color against subtle background.Nice creation to greet Bob when he gets home!
Did you hand letter the words on the boot creation?
Love the creative zone you're in.

Tatiana Kuzyk said...

I love the transparency of the petals against the background. Pretty cool 3D effect.

Deborah Ross said...

That's a perfect quote for those boots. I love the sunflower, it makes me feel happy to look at it, and your peach, too.
I hope Bob is doing well. I know it must be hard to run around all day, visiting the hospital and doing all the other things we get stuck with every day.
Keep on painting!

Anonymous said...

Great work Uta!
Love Julie x

april said...

Great quote! Wonderful pieces!

Doris said...

They are gorgeous! I'm partial to the sunflower...I suppose it was just so surprising to see it peeking over the page like a sunrise!

Uta said...

Thanks to you all for your support as usual. Its very much appreciated. :)