Sunday, February 8, 2009

Its Painting Time!!!

The heat is over for the time being YAY!!!!!!!! The forecast says it will creep up again on Friday to 34C (93F) with Saturday forecast to reach 36C (97F). That's ok we have some time to recover. There have been a lot of deaths related to the heat and a huge number of people admitted to hospital with heat related problems. The elderly are too afraid to use air conditioners or fans for fear of high power bills that can't afford to pay for. Its not only the elderly affected though. People of all ages have been struggling. And even some well cared for pets have perished in the heat. I make Jack stay inside with the air conditioner to make sure he stays cool. Anyway this morning my curtains are pulled back, the windows are wide open and the outside world is once again visible from inside our little home.

This morning I'm going to catch up on some much needed chores with the hope of getting in a little painting time this afternoon.

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Doris said...

So happy to hear you have e reprieve if even temporary from that heat! hearing about fires!