Thursday, February 19, 2009


Bob is going into hospital tomorrow for some surgery. He has skin cancer and it needs to be removed and then skin grafted. He has to stay in hospital until the skin grafts take. They estimate 2 to 3 days. Cancer is always a worry isn't it :(


Anonymous said...

I´m sorry to hear and hope that he will recover soon.

butterfly woman said...

Sending your Bob healing thoughts and positive energy across the miles. Both of you are in my thoughts for his swift recovery.
Prayers and blessings.

april said...

Think positive and hopefully they've caught it early. We will be thinking of you and hoping everything will be fine. xxApril

Laura said...

Keeping Bob and you in our thoughts along with all the others this week, Good prayer session I feel.
All will be ok.

Doris said...

Some healing prayers from me too! Hope he's home recovering now!