Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Artist Talk

I haven't melted yet. In fact I think I'm getting used to the heat. Its starting to get a little cooler and next week's forecast looks mighty fine.

During this heat the pool at my gym has been closed for maintenance. Its sprung a leak. I have however been going to the beach to do a bit of swimming and a little exercise. I have been going early so I'm not burnt to a crisp by the hot summer sun. The water has been glorious and I even collected some treasures in the form of shells.

On the art front things are going well. Nothing is completed as its just too hot to paint but some backgrounds are done, photos been taken and some good ideas have been brewing. With the weather cooling down I will have a really productive time next week as long as life doesn't get in the way.

Next week I'm giving an artist talk to a group of seniors in our local community. I'm going to show them some of my artwork and talk about my techniques and the stories behind my work. As the time is getting closer I'm getting a little nervous but I know once I start talking I will be fine. My art is about me and my everyday life. Its about my memories of people or times in my life that are very dear to me so it will be easy to talk about that won't it.

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Laura said...

good pratice to talk about our work isn't it. Really beings the reality of it all right there.
good to hear.