Monday, February 23, 2009


I now have 18 completed works for our exhibition 'Peeking Through Someone Else's Window'. I finally decided on the text for the old boots painting. Its a quote by author Greg Anderson, 'Focus on the journey not the destination'. I have also finished the sunflower painting. It was too late to take decent photos so I will post them tomorrow.

Bob is starting to be his old self again. He's still in hospital and still bed ridden but he's doing a lot better. Hopefully he will be home soon. He misses Jack. Julia brought in a large photo of Jack and he's stuck it up in his hospital room. Jack misses him too and whines at night for awhile. He's getting used to having Bob's spot on the bed at night though. That could interesting when Bob gets home hehehe.

And to top it all off Julia is sick too. She's got shingles. The pain is easing but she is just so tired.

My son Troy has just returned from a small holiday in New Zealand. He says its a lovely country and the people are ever so friendly. I would like to visit there one day too.

Nothing much else to report. Life is just rushing by at the moment. Adding hospital visits into my day makes me feel like I'm chasing my own tail. I'm having trouble keeping up with my household chores and my artwork gets done at odd hours. Oh well, this too will pass.


april said...

You are having a busy time. I can feel your busyness. Take care. And 18! I can't wait to see! sounds wonderful.

Laura said...

Yes this too shall pass. what a releif to know. congrats! on the numbers growning and good to hear of Bob's progress and Well wish for Julie. My step father found out before he went in for his hip surgery that he had shingles too. What is going on??? Goofy

butterfly woman said...

May I ssk how long it took you to get 18 pieces done? Love the quote you picked for the boots painting. So approrpriate for all of us, isn't it? Wish we could all come see the exhibit. Will have to live vicariously through the magic of the computer!

Sounds like you're riding the cyclic nature of life as well as can be expected.

Uta said...

My canvases are on the large side and take me about a week. Life does get in the way sometimes, as does the weather. I find if I have a break from art like over Christmas I tend to go into artist block. I think these 18 pieces have taken about 5 months (gee has it really been that long).

Doris said...

Uta, I hope you're spending enough time on self care! So sorry for Julia, I understand that shingles are extremely painful! And good to hear recovery coming along as needed for Bob.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you Uta and wishing Bob is soon better and at home with you again. Poor Julia too... shingles is horrible.
Take car Uta and well done on your productivity! Award yourself a cake and tea bonus!
love Julie x

Anonymous said...

...erm I'm not advising you to go for a drive... that should have read "take CARE"!!!! (blush)
love julie x